monthly mini – evie

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blackblondebrunette | 36.52the 52 project : a portrait of evie, once a week, every week : 2014

23 months of evie – the countdown is on and it is real, we almost have a two year old! this last month has included some changes for evie which i guess is good in preparation for a major change on the way…sharing the spotlight. she is officially in a big girl (toddler) bed. after falling off three nights in a row its been moved into a cozy corner instead of out in the middle of the room. lately, she pulls out all the stops when its time to go to sleep. needs to embrace me for a very long and tight hug, finds boo boos and bites that need lotion, needs a different blanket and to be covered just the right way, the list goes on. she wakes up around 8am and gathers all her favorite items and makes her way into our room in the mornings. so far i kinda love the tiny person alarm clock yelling “hellllllooooooo, wake up!”. potty training has been pretty loose, i wouldn’t call it “training” more like a “suggestion”. the count is up to 2 pees and 1 poo, and 1 million long sits while reading the land of nod catalog. we’ll buckle down soon and get serious, i’m not really looking to add a 2nd diaper genie to our set up.

currently evie:

-hilarious fake laughing – don’t know where she picked it up from but it cracks us up.
-when she finds something new or notices a change she let’s me know “it’s cute”.
-if she likes what she is eating she is the best at compliments: “mmmmmmm, it’s good” i don’t let it go to my head though, this morning she found an old chip in her car seat and it got the same reaction as dinner last night.
-gets scared and needs to hug really tight at things like – thunder, scary stuff on tv (ahem, matt!), anything that is too loud.
-loves to paint – we do a couple of canvases a week.
-loves to help cook, runs to get her chair so she get in on the action whenever she sees mixing going on. she cracks an egg like the hulk.
-fell in love with her cousin allie on her last visit. we hear about and wonder about allie everyday. she’s been on the other end of a lot of imaginary phone calls lately.
-all monkeys in general, but especially the curious one.
-if matt is in and out of the house evie will tell him “hi daddy! hi bubba!” with the same level of excitement every single time he enters. they call each other bubba, it’s a thing.
-imitates our daily routine-puts her deodorant on, shaves under her arms, puts contacts in, straightens her hair, wears “lips”.
-tells the nest protect goodnight, every night. “nigh nigh nest”.

coming soon…a picnic party for this little lady. we are ready for the big 2!

monthy mini – logan







 52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2014

conversation with this spitfire should not go unnoted, that’s for sure…

to drue who’s the quietest mouse there ever was – ‘calm down druebie and listen to me’

while doing squats on the bottom step and holding onto the banister – ‘i’m doing my exercising’

when she noticed i put a runner on the dining table – ‘is it my birthday?’

as we pass the obnoxious barking dog every night on our walk – ‘he thinks i’m a cat’

while i was talking to the sitter one morning – ‘stop talking to my friend’

after every spill that could potentially cause tears – ‘i’m ok!’

when she couldn’t open the lid to a toy – ‘i’m frustrated mommy’

while bossing us around – ‘daddy’s the big boss, i’m the little boss, and mommy’s nothing’

to her baby on the way to school – ‘it’s ok bub, it be fun there’

after i torture her every night about her days activities – ‘stop asking me no more questions’

every time we leave lo’s bedroom – ‘we have to shut the door so the big bad wolf can’t get in’

to the mama in the park who’s baby approached lo – ‘we getting a baby at our house soon’

when we discovered we ran out of diapers – ‘oh come on!’

as my stomach was growling – ‘you not hungry, you had dinner last week’

every morning since our stay in brooklyn – ‘we go to my new bedroom in new york city?’

when asked what all the scartches on her thumb were from – ‘playing with the razor mommy shaves her ears and face with’

i could go on for days. and no, i don’t shave my ears and my two year old definitely doesn’t play with razors. you can’t make this *hit up!

currently – brunette


currently planning: a few mini trips with my favorite boys. first up – baltimore.

currently weaving: yep. first one is done + hanging + happened to serve as just the right amount of fuel to fire my new hobby. talk about zen! tapestries for all this christmas!

currently exploring: our hood. yes, it’s been over a year since we’ve made our move here, but a new baby, home renovations + our rebellion against leaving the city have enabled us to become a bit complacent. turns out there are a few places we love around here. recent discovery was a large park practically in our back yard. time to embrace suburbia!

currently spending: more time with our little ladies. it’s a preview of what’s to come once my nieces move closer to us. i must say, we’re loving every minute of it.

currently cooking: daily. It feels good to be whipping up dishes for my crew. it’s something i seriously enjoy. as long as they don’t ask me to bake. god only knows i hate to follow directions. we’ll stick with just cooking for now. one small culinary step at a time.

currently – blonde

blackblondebrunette | painters1

blackblondebrunette | painters2

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blackblondebrunette | painters4

currently exhausted: from a labor day weekend full of labor.  the house has been turned upside down the last few weeks as we have had walls painted and floors refinished. now that those projects are complete we finally get to put the pieces back where they belong.  evie is officially sleeping in her own big girl bed (freshly painted the lightest shade of mint), her playroom has been reclaimed for playing instead of storage, the living room got an update with hanging cabinets below the tv, curtains have been hung, and art has been framed. of course there is still much more to do…

currently stuffed: with good cookin’. we’ve had mississippi visitors so that means we ate well all weekend. i’ll be missing those homemade biscuits and gravy, almost as much as the people, real soon.

currently thinking: about two little halloween costumes. that is all i have done so far which feels very behind (for me). i’m very excited to have our own street to walk down with two (!) kiddos, collecting candy that i will secretly eat most of.

currently planning: a little party for a soon-to-be two year old. we have celebrations pretty much all october long and since evie is extra special we will be taking over part of september as well. we had to push the shindig up a few weeks in order to avoid a possible live birth scene during the cutting of the cake. having a brother due exactly one week after your b-day really makes party planning complicated!

currently feeling: quite large. somedays i wake up, gracefully roll out of bed, and feel like i have gained at least 20lbs over night. this low-rider makes my stomach feel incredibly heavy and although it usually seems like he is hiding out in my back my front side begs to differ. i’m starting to get the looks and comments from strangers that no pregnant lady wants to hear so i know we are in the home stretch.

blackblondebrunette | painters5

currently – black


currently excited: about having some of our canadian cousins conveniently relocated to the big apple. they’re now only a quick car ride away and some of the coolest cats we’re lucky enough to call family. the perfect excuse to escape to the hustle + bustle on a more frequent basis for some major play dates.

currently taking on: the role of mama two mornings a week. i’ve been spoiled by sitters who show up at our door minutes before i walk out it each morning. while it’s super convenient, i crave the responsibility of starting my day with logan. i’m taking over now that she’s enrolled in nursery school two days a week. i’m in charge of wardrobe, breakfast and walking lo through her classroom door. it doesn’t sound like much but i’ll savor what time i can get.

currently anticipating: the first day of fall + all the yummy flavors and activities that come with it. by far my favorite season of all, along with the rest of the universe.

currently curating:  our fall wardrobe. i’m ditching what hasn’t been worn in seasons, keeping our tried + true favorites and filling in the gaps with new pieces we only absolutely adore. i’m sticking with this years motto of less is more, as it’s proven to make life feel more balanced and less stressful. something should be said for still feeling great nine months in. expect to see us layered in monochromatic textures + stripes this season.

currently black: from root to end and i’m unsure of how i feel about it. the ombre lived on for two years and honestly i feel uncomfortable without the messy edge.

summer lovin’

photo 2 (3)

is summer really almost over? i feel like it only just began! and so goes the story of my life these days, constantly flying by faster than i’d like. so to suppress those end of summer blues, my girlfriend and i packed up and headed to the beach today. it’s days like this that go down in my book as favorites and i look back on often. spontaneous, adventuresome and as relaxing as possible with a two year old in tow. we grabbed my sister and our best little brunette on the way and soaked up the last bit of hot summer rays. i don’t think these turkeys had any fun at all (wink).

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guide to – story time


we’ve each got a monster in our house. book monsters that is! but no complaints here, as these monsters are adorable and story time gives us a hot minute to cuddle beside these toddlers who are otherwise always on the go. here are a few of our favorites, monsters included. what are yours? do share, as our collection is forever growing…

little owl lost + oh no george! by chris haughton – favorites in all three of our libraries. however noah particularly goes ballistic if the cover’s are in view and they’ve since been removed from this dudes nursery. mama’s gotta sleep too!

the dot by peter h reynolds – a fast fable encouraging all little’s to make their creative mark.

i want my hat back by jon klassen – a story the little’s might not completely comprehend but has us mama’s secretly smirking.

the day the crayons quit by drew daywalt + oliver jeffers – witty letters written by the crayons themselves sheds new light on how we approach our box of colored friends.

the snatchabook by helen docherty – hands down, the current favorite of our biggest monster logan who prefers to ‘read’ this mystery on her own.

wacky wednesdaythe sneetches by dr. seuss – seriously the longest stories ever, but the littles go gaga over the dr’s silly antics every single time.

alexander girard color by alexander girard + gloria fowler – duh! with designers living in each house, this colorful kaleidoscope is a no brainier.

gaston by kelly dipucchio + christian robinson – quirky illustrations tell an adorable tale about some mixed matched puppies.

snuggle the baby by sara gillingham – lo gifted this to her bgirl evie and so far, SO good. there’s a cardboard newborn tucked between the interactive pages that gets just as much love as all her other baby dolls. she’ll be changing diapers come october!

iggy peck architect by andrea beaty + david roberts – a particular daddy had this read waiting on the shelves when someone was just a wee twinkle in his eyes. she since loves the rhyme and mama loves the lesson behind the story. three wins!

monthly mini – noah








13 month noah! as in: officially no longer a baby! as in: his mama is in complete denial + has found herself a new ritual of scrolling through photos + videos of his infancy for hours nightly because she wants to remember that fleeting infant stage with its lovable coos + chubby cheeks. but i digress. toddler noah, rocks!

he :

clings on after a bath like a tiny koala bear

says ‘i love you’

is a scrambled egg consuming monster

acknowledges cars, lights, dogs + birds by calling them by their respective names

blows kisses to strangers

wears sunglasses

once he spots a hat, he insists that you put it on your head [but refuses to keep it on his]

dances like nobody is watching

adores his cousins

does not hesitate to point out his belly button

says ‘meeee’ every time he spots a cat

knows his animal sounds, but insists that the cow says ‘baaaa’

has a mild obsession with cars of all shapes + sizes

went on his first swing ride [along side his girlfriend lo]

will say ‘no’ when he is not supposed to do something, still proceed to do it, then follows it up with ‘bad’

has 9 chompers + counting

lurks behind corners to try + scare me

has the best little belly laugh i’ve ever heard

monthly mini – evie

blackblondebrunette | 29.52

blackblondebrunette | hiya

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blackblondebrunette | pool

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blackblondebrunette | obsessedthe 52 project : a portrait of evie, once a week, every week : 2014

22 weeks of evie. this kid has been amazing lately at rolling with the punches. we are in the middle of some house projects which have temporarily taken over evie’s bedroom and playroom . she started sleeping in the new nursery without missing a beat. when i took her to see her room completely cleaned out and carpet ripped up (which happened during a nap) she just said – “uh oh”. yesterday her walls were skim coated and all the supplies are still gathered in the middle of the room for the painting that will happen today, she was only concerned with the mess. the child hates a mess. there hasn’t been a whole lot of toddler fun around here since we are in overdrive to get things in order before baby brother enters the scene. evie is happy dancing to the top 40 pop hits, coloring, or cleaning right along with us. so i’m currently very thankful that she is taking one for the team and will make sure there are some special dates in the near future for this big sis to be.

evie’s current favorites:
pigtails – if they aren’t in her hair she just pats her head asking for piggies until she gets them
“the hat”- can’t get enough of it and it is on its last leg
accessorizing – she’s been known to carry two purses at a time
shoes – hers and ours
shushing – anything loud, including the thunder
cheese – duh
monkey – which is actually a fox, her blabla doll that she’s just acknowledged after a year is now in her sights at all times
teepee – as long as the twinkle lights are on, that’s the place to be
tea parties – loves a tea set and usually has a tiny cup with her to sip out of
cleanliness – if something doesn’t belong there’s a very dramatic “yuck” until it is removed

monthly mini – logan







52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2014

this has been the month of adventure. two is treating us well and has enabled us to pick up and go for hours on end with no planned agenda. i think we’ve visited more philadelphia attractions in the past 30 days than the past 3 years. on the other hand, two is pushing the desire to add a newborn to the mix farther and farther from our radar. this poor kid may be twelve before she lays hands on a sibling. however, with adventure comes independence, and i’m not yet ready for this baby to turn big girl quite yet. her vocabulary if off the charts, the crib has been converted and pre-school enrollment has been payed for. talk about a punch to the gut. all this change has left me quiet and secretly panicked over how fast time does fly. maybe a new squishy set of thighs isn’t a bad idea after all. just kidding!

things worth remembering about 28 months:

enrolled in ‘pre’ school come september

after frequenting the zoo often this month is obsessed with the bison

painted her piggies for the first time

often asks for turner since our canadian cousins skipped town

wore pigtails for a total of thirty minutes

enjoys a nightly walk around the neighborhood (occasionally costume clad)

packed up all our baby toys and are filling our space with more engaging finds

converted the crib to bed and took the transition like a champ

requests rio + over the hedge

tells us we’re her best friend

visited the philadelphia art museum and painted like monet

joined the scooter gang

devours salmon + corn on the cob