mama – wellies + mini – tee

our friends over at joules sure know how to capture our fashionable hearts – between a bow obsessed mama + a foxy mini, they’ve got us both covered. they were kind enough to send us these special treats + it’s safe to say that we’ll be sporting them, rain or shine. so, go check them out – they’ve got the gear to style the entire family! i think it’s pretty safe to say, we heart you joules!

blonde hearts joules

blackblondebrunette | joules1

blackblondebrunette | joules2

blackblondebrunette | joules3

blackblondebrunette | joules4

blackblondebrunette | joules5

blackblondebrunette | joules6

blackblondebrunette | joules7

blackblondebrunette | joules8on mama: molly welly in navy spot • on mini: red gingham dress similar 

these joules wellies arrived in dallas just in time for a week of torrential rainstorms. i have always owned tall wellies but i am now a firm believer in the short style for summer time. based on the absurd amount of compliments i have received on these polka dotted boots, i think i may have swayed a few strangers to get on board with that belief as well. now i like to wear them just to boost my self esteem (rain or shine!).

evie was happy to splash in puddles with me while wearing her adorable oversized gingham number that had us dreaming of picnics in the back yard as soon as the sun returned. it’s the perfect length for displaying those chunky thighs. you should speed click over to the joules site now to jump on their crazy sale on boots, babes, and more!

thanks to joules for making our rainy days a little bit brighter!

photos by my mama

black hearts joules







fieldwelly in olive on kim + floral jersey dress on logan

the british based company joules recently jumped the pond making themselves easily accessible to us yankees. good thing, as their prints and patterns are gush worthy and their latest collection has something for everyone. literally! remember our obsessions over stripes, polka dots and bows? joules was awesome enough to send us chicks each a pair of perfectly coordinated wellies along with some adorable threads for our littles. while there may be no puddles to splash in, there’s no reason why we can’t look adorable while adventuring through the backyard. thank you joules for the generous goodies!

monthly mini – noah

12 months

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then just like that, at the blink of an eye, my baby is 12 months old! which on a technical note means the conclusion of this little photo essay [no more wrestling a fully energized infant to stay still for a brief snap]. + although i am happy to retire the wrestling matches, i feel a tad weepy seeing that first photograph of tiny hands + feet + a striped hatted little boy who we met a year ago + now has become our best bud. i am starting to understand the old adage ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’ – noah is the same bright eyed curious babe i met on the 4th of july of 2013, although now his curiosity freely cruises around by way of his two little feet!

twelve month noah:

+ loves a good vinyl [what can i say, it's genetic]

+ blows kisses goodbye [making morning separation anxiety that much harder for his mama]

+ drinks milk like a champ [+gets angry if you've packed less in his bottle than his anticipated amount]

+ sings the chorus to ‘no-more monkeys’ + ‘old mcdonald’ [facial expressions included for your entertainment]

+ bites you when excited [what can i say, it's genetic]

+ is a book worm [sometimes requiring you read two at a time]

+ has yet to pass a light switch he won’t touch

+ is mesmerized by fans [yielding full on baby trance]

+ points at things he is interested in + says ‘oooooo, what dat?!?’

+ if he had his way, it would be fruit + yogurt for breakfast, lunch + dinner

+ lets us know dinner is over by removing the straps + standing on his high chair [nothing dangerous about this]

+ still has a small case of ‘stranger danger’, but will take your hand + give you a tour of the house after he’s known you for 5 minutes

+ makes me laugh. daily.

official stats: will be updated on wednesday [once official].

+ as far as his big birthday bash – well, that deserves its own special post.

monthly mini – evie

blackblondebrunette | 25.52

blackblondebrunette | business

blackblondebrunette | 26.52

blackblondebrunette | depot

blackblondebrunette | 27.52

blackblondebrunette | no sand

blackblondebrunette | 28.52

blackblondebrunette | dairy housethe 52 project : a portrait of evie, once a week, every week : 2014

21 months of evie. is this the month where babies grow into little girls and no one told me about it? the personality on this one just keeps growing. she is currently very attached to “mommy, mama, mommmm”. i’ve been telling her we are best friends, and she’s finally on board. her vocabulary at least doubled during our beach vacation. i’m guessing since we were in an unfamiliar place she had to use more words to get what she wanted. my favorite one is “hand” said with a very proper accent. asking for a hand gets her an escort to wherever she wants to go. my least favorite is probably “no, i don’t want it” although, it sounds incredibly cute coming out. she tells us “dipes” when she needs a change (her dad taught her that one), which has me thinking it’s about time for “potty” to enter the scene. when she is tired she can be a complete pill, throwing slaps and laughing maniacally about it. and when she is sweet she drips with sugar. she pats you on the back, gives kisses, and snuggles up like an angel. she will learn a pet’s name immediately but rarely budges on human names. duchess, tucker, lola, and liam…no big deal she’ll say them all but, uncle benny – forget it! oh and that hat, i have no idea! she needed a 4th of july hat for a parade at school, i sent a last minute target purchase knowing that she wouldn’t wear it. boy was i wrong, she wore it all day at school and every day on vacation. she keeps me on my toes and i fall a little more in love with her every day.

all of evie’s current favorites: piggies (in her hair), pillow pet, lion, lights, moon, planes, birds, babies (dolls, real ones, the ones on commercials), coffee, balloons, dancing, splashing in puddles, and bubbles.

monthly mini – logan







52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2014

just when i’m about to mention that my toddler’s gone crazy, like what i imagine to be the terrible two kind, she went and got all cute and well behaved on me this past weekend. so much so that we swam to our hearts content, ignored naps, ate french fries under the covers, and slurped popsicles and watched movies well beyond bedtime, all in an effort to savoir the weekend as long as we possibly could. damn, this kid knows how to lay it on thick! while parenting has become more interesting and definitely tests our patience as of late, we love this spirited chick even on her worst days. i look at all the moody meltdowns and lashing out tantrums as a girl just trying to find herself.

things worth remembering about 27 months…

she still loves books and these days i either catch her in front of her shelf surrounded by books or beside her babies in the womb chair reciting her favorite stories. without a doubt her current favorite is alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

she’s into eating apples and now requests snacks on her own. particularly chocolate bunnies and animal cookies.

gone are the days of the sleep sack. we’ve moved on to snoozing with a pillow and duvet.

however paci’s are definitely a big girl necessity. her words i swear.

she’s memorized how to spell her name and recites ‘l o g a n spells logan’ over and over all day long.

she knows the difference between her right and left hands and feet.

ice age was a huge hit and lo thinks manny is an elephant. however planes has quickly become her most recent go to flick. with harry potter as a close runner up.

we’ve officially started to administer the wicked time-out.

she’s into drinking water from an adult glass with a fancy straw. which quickly turns into a game of dunking and licking the straw dry while making a massive mess.

she’s suddenly become afraid of the vacuum.

she designates any ‘baby’ toys laying around as drue’s. and also makes it clear that ‘drue not my cousin, she my brudder.’

she knows that red means stop and green means go. and if we see a moving car in the street we have to stop and be careful.

she’s begun to imaginary play with dolls, figurines and the like.

she isn’t shy and warms up to anyone almost immediately. although she definitely has her favorites.

has started cutting her two year molars.

still sleeping like a champ. and extra long these days thanks to said molars.

according to kim






photo (1)

photo (2)


we flew south last week to visit with family in florida. this was logan’s seventh + eight flights and we haven’t flown in almost a years time. while she costs a pretty penny these days and needs a ton of entertainment, flying with a toddler was cake. the season of wrangling a baby on our laps and shushing over loud cries is over. (for now at least). our days were spent in the sun by the water and our nights on the patio with bbq and cold brews. pretty perfect if you ask us. we did however make a slight detour. with a small toddler in tow and the magic kingdom a car ride away, it only seemed right to make a quick trip to the happiest place on earth. it was magical! even through the painstaking heat, vetoed stroller meltdowns and constant requests for the infamous paci. our girl rocked it as long as her little body possibly could. she met the mouse himself and was baffled that ‘big mickey don’t talk’. she gushed over merida’s gorgeous locks and asked where the ‘little teddy’s’ were. she was chosen as boo on the big screen at the monster inc laugh floor and stole the audiences hearts when she played along and followed mike’s ques. and she made all my disney dreams come true when she sat by my side in awe of all the children around the globe and left singing ‘it’s a small world’. while i had high hopes of savoring every last minute and sticking it out until the park closed, this trip proved just how magical this place is with a kid and i’m already excited to return for more. maybe mid-winter next time.

currently- brunette


currently returning: from one major training session for my new gig. it was intense knowledge data downloading into a brain that has been rather dormant since school days. + here i was, thinking i’d get some much needed down time in between classes.

currently planning: a little firecracker’s big 1 year bash. cramming the details [because once a crammer, always one] has been a blessing in disguise because it has given me no time to feel nostalgic about a year that flew by too quickly. i know it’s only a matter of time before it hits me + fireworks are replaced with waterworks. i’m bracing for it.

currently should be: weaving. after all, i promised my weave partner + myself that this newfound hobby would be my new way of winding down. needless to say, i’ve been slacking + a little date with our yarn + our thoughts may be just what i need. you with me, black?!?

currently dreaming: of europe. with noah. it seems to be my ‘go-to happy thought’ lately.

currently thankful: for christian. he’s been a full time general contractor to our home renovations all while working + splitting noah duty with me. i think it may be time to press pause on the reno. one year of constant projects has really taken its toll on us both. now, how about that europe trip?!?

currently – blonde

blackblondebrunette | currently giggles

blackblondebrunette | currently upside down

blackblondebrunette | currently icepop

currently failing: the glucose test. i mean, seriously! i drank my orange drink like a pro, didn’t cry (or pass out) when they pricked my finger, and still, i got a big fat F (by two points). so, yesterday i started my day at 8:30am in the doctor’s office getting stabbed in the arms four times over three hours. fingers crossed i get good news* on wednesday. now that i think about it, that stop at emporium pies on sunday was probably a bad idea. oops.

currently packing: for a big beach trip coming up. i’m a little nervous about my precious princess getting sand on her feet and flipping out on the regular. the kid does not like being dirty, unless of course it’s food all down her shirt. i found a tip about using baby powder to easily get sand off, we’ll see how well that works.

currently blending: lots of green smoothies. evie hasn’t been into veggies lately so i’ve started getting them in to her a different way besides the dinner plate. she loves them even though i pack them full of kale, spinach, carrots, and chia seeds. i win.

currently celebrating: the mister’s birthday. i secretly asked our favorite molly to watch the babe so we could go out to dinner with friends and celebrate. the blind butcher (on lower greenville) was the perfect location with a menu full of meat and a big picnic tables outside for everyone to gather round. evie wasn’t really on board with the whole babysitter thing but we sure did appreciate it.

currently missing: our big girl cousins and mammy who came to visit recently. evie always has fun with ava and allie while choosing a favorite on a day to day basis. mammy is okay in her book, she attached herself to that hip pretty quickly. i’m personally missing the hot coffee in the morning and big breakfasts that appear on the table without me cooking them! come back soon ladies…

blackblondebrunette | currently girls

*i passed the test!