monthly mini – bailey

blackblondebrunette | bailey 1month11lb 1oz • 22.4″ long • 15″ head

month one with bailey – it didn’t take long for this guy to make a bigger impression on the world. his weight jumped a whole four pounds in just a month…that may not sound like a whole lot but trust me, it is.  he’s already doubling his sister’s stats. so, obviously, he enjoys eating – check. he also enjoys being held close or sleeping on his belly (such a rebel). tummy time is cool with him since he is a strong little dude. when he has the stendig calendar in his sights he will arch back as far as possible to have it in full view and you can move his body around but his eyes stay glued on it. so, that’s one more vote on my side to order a new one for 2015. bailey has been a considerate sleeper since he joined us. nighttime usually has three to four hour stretches (sometimes five!) with a quick bite to eat in between. i can’t remember if this is different than with evie, i just know that i don’t feel like a zombie. maybe it has a little to do with not having that first time parent stress where any sleep you get isn’t actually sleep at all but just a foggy haze of wondering what you are doing wrong. not to say i’m doing it all right this go around but i’m just not stressed about it which seems to make it all easier.

a whole month down in the books. this blue eyed babe has stolen all our hearts, perhaps his big sister’s the most.

monthly mini – evie

blackblondebrunette | 43.52

blackblondebrunette | 44.52

blackblondebrunette | 45.52

blackblondebrunette | 46.52the 52 project : a portrait of evie, once a week, every week : 2014

2 years + 1 month. wow, its crazy how much can change in a month.  evie has become a certified big sis during these past few weeks. she loves her little brother and is very good at taking care of him.  when he cries she rocks him or gives him a paci (even though he isn’t interested) or pats him (usually softly).  she will even run to her room to get her lion for him. lion is her number one favorite and she sleeps with him every night, i’d say that is the ultimate sacrifice.  she will often mimic everything i am doing with bailey with her babydoll which is, honestly, the cutest thing ever. if she is sad or in a bad mood your can usually cheer her up with the mention of her brother’s name. i think the little guy lucked out with this built in buddy. meanwhile evie is still my very best friend as her love affair with coffee and cake has stepped up a notch.  our weekends are pretty sweet in every sense of the word.

she is so much more aware of everything now which makes a lot of things feel like firsts all over again. experiencing the cold weather, watching christmas “shows”, helping decorate the christmas tree. at least this time around we get to hear her thoughts on these things so it feels like firsts to us. christmas should be extra fun this year. age 2 is pretty fun.

halloween – noah

holloween 1

well, the king of the jungle made an appearance in my house this year. after two weeks of pure refusal to wear his lion head, i was  struggling with what to name my mythical lion-body-human-head creature, but alas, the morning of October 31st, the head was kept on + tiny ‘roars’ were sprinkled in to add to the believability. my kid showed up to play – the exact role i intended him to – the mighty lion you see right here.

holloween 2

monthy mini – logan







52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2014

it wasn’t long ago i can remember logan watching me play pretend with a little girl a year or two older than her with a distinct look of confusion on her face as i bought an invisible cheeseburger from said girl and theatrically ate every last bite. her look will forever be ingrained in my memory. i could tell her little mind was in over drive as if to say wt* are you two crazies talking about. can you blame her?! fast forward to last weeks two and a half year checkup, when logan’s doctor asked if her accompanied doll could talk and she responded with a ‘she’s just pretend.’ i blushed while he told us to hit the road, his work was done and he needed to examine my ‘baby’ no further. needless to say, this chicks imagination is on a fast paced tear. not only is it fun to sit back and watch her mind unfold but it’s even more entertaining to join in and egg her imagination on. she’s got a baby she meticulously tends to and insists we don’t wake up. she’s got a pal named hiccup, who looks like daddy but is a kid, and runs off with her cellphone constantly. and she often vacations to the beach where she swims with ‘shawks’. two and a half is silly stupid.

halloween – evie + bailey

blackblondebrunette | halloween1

blackblondebrunette | halloween2

blackblondebrunette | halloween3

blackblondebrunette | halloween4

blackblondebrunette | halloween5

blackblondebrunette | halloween6

blackblondebrunette | halloween7

we hit the streets this year with a little tourist and a tiny iron man. we went a few streets over to a neighborhood that prepares well for trick-or-treaters. it was a scene from a movie with all the families that were out, the perfect weather with just the right amount of chill in the air, and beautiful homes decorated with spider webs and pumpkins. bailey was just along for the ride with his super powers and never made a peep. evie, who was still on the mend from being sick all week, got into the spirit as soon as she realized how many treats were to be had. she wore her little tourist outfit, which consisted of all the random things she loves, with such pride that she stole the halloween show. it could have had something to do with her red shirt popping off the sea of elsa gowns that surrounded her. this halloween was definitely a success, it’s been almost a week later and she still asks for “canny” everyday.


currently – brunette


currently returning: from a quick work trip to nyc. the chill in the air + the early christmas decor only left me wanting more. i know a tiny toddler who constantly walks around saying ‘new york’ that would probably be all in.

currently organizing: my life. i know, this sounds rather profound, but as life keeps getting busier both professionally + personally [you may have noticed my blog silence lately], i feel a little rearranging of priorities is in order to preserve my sanity.

currently whipping up: a thanksgiving menu. yes, i am at it again this year – rolling up my sleeves + getting comfy in the kitchen. my idea to sit around indian style in front of a burning fire + eat chinese takeout was met with nothing but furled brows, so the obvious solution was to go all in + cook.

currently roaming: bookstores + libraries. a little bookworm named noah cannot contain himself in said settings, while his mama is left with all the post haste cleanup.

currently needing: more hours in the day. who do i talk to about this?!?

currently – blonde

blackblondebrunette | pumpkin1

blackblondebrunette | pumpkin2

blackblondebruette | pumpkin3

blackblondebrunette | pumpkin4

blackblondebrunette | pumpkin5

blackblondebrunette | pumpkin6the dallas arboretum

currently crashing – from a halloween sugar high. poor evie was fighting the croup all last week. her first “well” day was halloween but she still wasn’t 100%. that didn’t stop her from figuring out real fast that if you open up your bag candy goes in. she never quite got out “trick or treat” but everyone got a “thank you” and that’s good enough this year. (stay tuned for more pics)

currently enjoying – life at home taking care of a sweet tiny babe. bailey likes to be close and warm and i’m doing my best to make sure he gets what he wants! mammy just left us after a week of helping out so i get to reclaim all that extra snuggling time and the meals are going to go down hill at an alarming rate.

currently planning – thanksgiving dinner. we have family coming our way this year so there are lists to be made and recipes to be tested.

currently booking – flights north for christmas. i’d be okay with a white christmas as long as i get to stay next to the fire. we are looking forward to having some lazy days and traditional lulls with our delaware family and there are a couple ladies i wouldn’t mind hanging out with either…

currently burning – my new woodsmoke scented candle (thanks mom!) and so in the mood for this holiday season. i already feel a little magic in the air.




currently – black


currently a year older: as of yesterday.

currently anticipating: the arrival of said birthday present!

currently packing: (well not quite yet) for a little getaway alone with my dude come next week.

currently dreaming: of getting lost in a city with no plans, no responsibilities, and no one but each other (a few exceptions may apply).

currently questioning: my contributions to this space and not sure what 2015 holds.

according to – kim












nothing says fall more than a romp at the old pumpkin patch! we’ve already hit two so far this season, making this family date a tradition and seeking out a different farm each year. so far, i think this was our favorite. there were countless seasonal activities spread amongst acres of corn lined fields that made us feel as though we had the place all to ourselves. i could get lost for hours with these people every weekend if i had it my way!

look at how small my baby was this time last year

monthly mini – evie

blackblondebrunette | evie 37.52

blackblondebrunette | evie 38.52

blackblondebrunette | evie 39.52

blackblondebrunette | evie 40.52

blackblondebrunette | evie 41.52

blackblondebrunette | evie 42.52the 52 project : a portrait of evie, once a week, every week : 2014
34″ tall • 27lb 10oz • 19.6″ noggin • 14 teeth

oh evie. a full two years of her. it is hard to tell if a switch got turned on due to her birthday or her brother…but, this kid has gone full on crazy! she has some endless source of energy that must be released by bouncing off the walls, or usually my bed. sometimes we just stand back and stare as she rages on. we’ve had a lot of family in town over the past couple of weeks and that always kicks the vocabulary up a notch. she always comes away with a lot more to say after being surrounded by conversations. i love hearing her talk and seeing her figure out how to communicate what she wants. we still fight over the color yellow, she insists that all colors are “lellow” with a devious glint in her eye. i know she is messing with me because when i ask for something by its actual color she knows exactly what i’m talking about. punk! so far she is a pretty good big sis. there have been a few toys to the face and a couple of pokes that were too hard but overall she is very concerned about her brother and likes to take care of him. when she wakes up in the morning the first thing she wants to know is where the baby is. besides the occassional swiping of the paci and a refusal to share any of her blankets this brother and sister thing is working out just fine.

current obsessions: elephant sounds, our next door neighbor gracie, stickers, watching shows, curious george, airplanes, cats and dogs, singing happy birthday, blowing out candles, pushing butts (buttons!), legos, cake, balloons, sweeping, “outshide”, pumpkins, and the baby.