we heart – coordination

blackblondebrunette | matching

dress / top / button up / little sandals / big sandals 

if ever there was a good time to match your mini, it is easter. we aren’t talking about exact replicas but maybe just a touch of coordination. i (fondly?) recall an easter where my grandmother made matching dresses for me, my sister, and my mom in shades of pink that included fluffy sleeves and layered ruffles. so it depends on your commitment level, but don’t let this holiday pass you buy with out a little “mommy and me” action. happy easter! -j

monthly mini – noah

9 months


my tiny baby is 9 months old! as in 3 months away from a whole year + i am in disbelief. i hear it too frequently that time goes by at the speed of light once a baby joins the party, but experiencing it first hand is an entirely different ball game. this month i am feeling the emotions flood my soul – noah is resembling more a toddler than my teeny infant boy. at the same time, with each day, he is becoming his own little human + that has been incredible to witness. the bag of tricks is getting heavier by the minute – he is waving hello, goodbye + will wave at any new piece of furniture in the house as if letting us know that he recognizes the changes we have been making while he’s been happily asleep. his crawl has become dangerously faster + his ability to swipe glasses off anyone’s face has become downright surgical. standing + bouncing solo are now common place. my most favorite this month is his affinity for vinyls. he will flutter his arms + legs in anticipation of the music + bounce away once he hears the beat. it is how we start + end our days + i am more than happy to oblige.

official stats: 21 lb, 29 1/4″ + 4 [extra sharp] pearly whites.

monthly mini – evie

blackblondebrunette | 12.52

blackblondebrunette | peekaboo

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blackblondebrunette | babybridethe 52 project : a portrait of evie, once a week, every week : 2014

eighteen months of evie…aka a year and a half. our last doctor check up proved that this kid has been growing by leaps and bounds, all her percentages have taken huge jumps. this explains her adult size appetite over the last few months which seems to be slowing down now. the last few nights dinner has consisted of a few bites followed by “all done mama”. thankfully, the vocal sassiness and pushing has been dialed down to a serious stink face that she gives to pretty much everyone. but, if you happen get on her good side and get a shy smile then a full chuckle its worth all those mean glares. her dance moves are evolving with some hip swinging, spinning, clapping and raising the roof. the best way to turn a bad mood around is swinging in the front yard or a romping around the back yard, proving that buying a house was worth every cent.

stats: 24.2 lbs • 31.8″ tall • head is holding strong at 92% • 14 teeth

i’m thankful for this baby girl and her chunky thighs every single day. sometimes things happen that remind us how fleeting time can be and how we truly do not know what tomorrow will bring. hug your babies tight, love them hard, and appreciate each and every moment.

monthly mini – logan








this little nugget turns two tomorrow. two! and to my disbelief, the nostalgia isn’t nearly as painful as it was last year. while i miss my teeny sweet baby, i adore the little sassy human this toddler’s turning into. having a built in bestie has proved to be the absolute best and is only getting better as each month passes. that said, i’m making a tradition out of our birthday date. so tomorrow, just her and i, doing whatever she well pleases. of course followed up with balloons, cupcakes and the rest of her gang to top off the festivities. there may even be a surprise visit from the ‘big elephant’ she’s been requesting for weeks (wink, wink). happy birthday baby girl!

gettin’ crafty

easter crafts

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if you can’t tell, we like to get our craft on around here and holidays especially give us an excuse to get messy and diy. with littles in the house we’re always looking for ways to keep them occupied and imaginative. even if it’s only for a few minutes of quiet and you end up finishing on your own. hey, it’s cathartic to say the least! here are a few adorable favorites for you mama’s + your mini’s to keep busy this weekend. hop on it!

according to – eris


life has certainly been busy lately. while my digital slr has been feeling lonely + neglected, my iPhone has been working on overdrive. the proof is up top – recent moments of our life according to my iPhone snapshots. my not-so-silent promise to myself has been to capture noah’s day to day, no matter how hectic + blurry life gets. this cheeky gentleman of mine is growing way too quickly + i am determined to capture his sweetness one photograph at a time.

according to – jess

blackblondebrunette | derby

hat / dress / julep cup / sunnies / necklace / clutch

we don’t like to get too lazy around here so there is officially a party on the books. going with a kentucky derby theme, we are finally going to have an open house in a couple of weeks. it is highly encouraged to wear bright pants and big hats, otherwise you will just look silly. man, i love a theme. we’ll have yard games, cafe lights, cucumber sandwiches, mint juleps, and maybe a little bit of wagering. meanwhile, i have a lot of things to check off my list. there’s nothing like an impending deadline to get me moving.

according to – kim






paul + logan. breaking my heart on the daily. going into this whole parenting thing blind, i had no idea what to expect. my guy had never really been around babies and had never even held one in his arms until lo came along. it’s true what they say, it all comes naturally once they’re your own. i’ve got proof. this guy of mine has been rocking parenthood for almost two years now. i on the other hand have been surrounded by little people my whole life, and most days i think he’s got this thing down better than i do. he makes it look easy. he’s laid back, he’s patient, he’s present, he’s fun and he exudes compassion. logan’s completely smitten. initially i ruled her world and it pulled at his heart strings as he waited his turn. today i get glares of panicked insanity when he can’t put her down. honestly, i don’t think either of us would have it any other way. these two have something going on and together the three of us are making quite a nice team. settling into these roles wasn’t the easiest journey. we’ve made it out alive and i’m pretty proud of where we’re at. we’re content and in love and i think it’s safe to say this little girl has maxed out our hearts and changed us forever.

link love


one – first she took target by storm. this week she launched her collaboration Oh Joy! for Nod. check it out, it’s quite sweet!
two – one of us is planning an upcoming lil’ soiree and another has magical sourcing powers. together we scored this diy word banner. the options are endless.
three – have you explored the alphabet through drawnimal yet? it’s down right adorable and a favorite amongst our minies.
four – they claim to have found the perfect sweatpant: elastic wasteband, slit side pockets and slim slouch silhouette. sold!
fivesmith/mcqueen. your man may want to add this men’s lifestyle blog to his roll.
six – dreaming of a west coast vacation, lounging on a pacific wonderland tan with a cocktail in hand.

currently- brunette


currently wishing: the days were longer + there was more time to do more of what you see up above. lately i am finding it tough to focus on anything that doesn’t come in a tiny 20 lb adorable baby frame. perhaps it’s the escape of the chill in the air that has me dreaming of playing hooky + getting my perpetual noah fix on.

currently planning: another trip to one of my favorite cities – chi town! this time free of boys [big + small]. my sister + i are escaping deep in the city noise + plan on exploring chicago the way we used to. i am counting down the days as i write, but i would be remiss if i didn’t disclose that i am terrified to leave my babe behind. whoever said that motherhood was a job for the sane?

currently filling: wall spaces – one tiny bit at a time. we still have bare walls around here – bare white walls at that, which are begging to be dressed. christian + i are only committing to one project a week, but the house is already gaining the warmth of a home with each little frame we put up.

currently purging: clothes. it’s spring cleaning – mini edition. inspired by a beloved fellow obsessive compulsive mama, i have started separating baby clothes into 3 piles – keep, consign, donate. did i mention how cathartic i too find purging to be? it’s better than a shot of espresso!

currently experiencing: blogger’s block. with my schedule being fuller than ever, my wheels of creativity have screeched to a loud halt, hence the lack of recent entries [consider this my unofficial apology]. here’s hoping this is short lived…