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and just like that it’s over. yummy smelling trees litter the sidewalks and we’re already a week into january. i miss it already, cause man this holiday season was more magical than ever! for obvious reasons, and i imagine it only gets more exciting from here. we spent a decent amount of december chasing one christmas extravaganza to another, and while december was filled with record breaking tantrums, looking back i hardly feel the pain. the pain of a two week long sinus infection, now that’s another story cause it’s still lingering. although it completely ruined all plans i dreamt of making happen over our holiday break, it forced us to shut down and relax. remember that wicked path we were headed down that i previously mentioned? yeah, well looking back, i think the kid was on overdrive and craved a week of pajama wearing and toy playing within her own space. cause let me tell you, that wicked monster turned sweet as skittles. and although i wasn’t up for much, it was the perfect amount of enough for lo and i. let this be a lesson to myself that sometimes even the little people get stressed out, over worked and need a break of their own. here’s to more simple days in two thousand and fifteen. that said, the sofa beside the tree is calling my name…cause you damn well know she’s still lit and looking pretty over here!

monthly mini – bailey


blackblondebrunette | bailey 2 months14lb 8oz • 24.25″ long • 15.95″ head

month two with bailey – so this is what it means to have a boy…this baby the size of a 4 month old already – huge! he was only a tiny baby for a hot second, can you slow down a little, buddy?? i love this little guy so much, he melts me into a puddle when i look at him. maybe i have some lingering hormones or maybe he’s just that special. he is possibly a little bit of a mama’s boy since if you ask me he is an angel on earth but if you ask his dad or aunt kay kay, if i’m not around, he just screams. what can i say, we are bff. about a week before turning 2 months bailey started sleeping in his room and snoozes real nice in his crib. this past week which was technically the beginning of month 3 he started sleeping through the entire night. like 8:30pm to 7:30am one night. i woke up that morning with terror in my heart thinking that our monitor didn’t work, ran to his room to find him happily sleeping away. today at his 2 month check up he for real rolled over after showing out with his strong arms and lifting up his body to look in the mirror. what’s with blowing through milestones so quickly. i’m not really down with this! meanwhile, my favorite things are the coos, smiles, and little giggles. i’ll just focus on that and pretend like the rest of the world is standing still for a little while longer.

big sis makes a b-line for her bro after being away from him at school all day. with the slightest whimper she rushes to him to say “hey buddy, you okay buddy? shhhhh, it’s okay.” of course, when she isn’t feeling as sweet he gets a really aggressive “shush” and “stop it” while i’m instructed to stick a paci in it.  either way, these two are fun to watch together. i’ve got a baby trying to be grown up too fast and a big girl pretending to be a baby. we are all kinds of mixed up over here!

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monthly mini – evie

blackblondebrunette | 47.54

blackblondebrunette | 48.54

blackblondebrunette | 49.54

blackblondebrunette | 50.54

blackblondebrunette | 51.54the 52 project : a portrait of evie, once a week, every week : 2014

2 years + 2 months of evie. this little lady knows what she wants and has a pretty good grasp on how to tell us exactly what that is. for example: her constant request for “chocit” in her milk (thanks aunt jen jen) is usually followed by my reply that we are all out. she is not deterred on her quest for all things sweet and just says “go shopping” because why shouldn’t we remedy this tragedy, of being out of chocolate, immediately?!  but, even if we aren’t magically all out of her top three: chocolate, candy, and cake (i’m raising buddy the elf), “go shopping” is a pretty regular request. right behind “coffee?”. don’t worry, its decaf!. but, the local coffee shop does know her order: extra small, decaf, double milk, not too hot.  when she’s not barking demands or destroying the house there is a tender-hearted streak in this sweet little thing that can make your heart pound. she is very concerned if anyone is ever in pain. if i say “ow” from stubbing my toe in the kitchen she will stop eating, jump out of her chair and race over to “kiss it” to make it all better. it totally works. she slept in the bed with me one night while we were in mississippi. as we are drifting off she’s asking me about every family member and “what they doing” when we reach the end of her list she grabs my face, rests her forehead on mine and says “you okay mommy”  yes, baby, i’ve never been happier.

monthly mini – logan







52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2014

i’ve lost track of the months. but who’s still counting right?! i am however, well aware that we’re somewhere in the second year. that year that everyone talks so highly of. two is tough! the pull on your emotions, tear your heart out, question your capabilities tough. the show up at nursery school drop-off in tears along side your tantrum throwing toddler tough. we’re having a rough go and i hope the attention of a nice long holiday break will help cure the current madness. good thing she’s cute, otherwise she might have found her way amongst my ebay listings.

currently – blonde

blackblondebrunette | currently phonebooth

currently reminiscing – about our trip to mississippi last week. i’m backdating this post because we were too busy to stop for silly things like blogging. we hit the ground running and didn’t stop the whole time we were away.  these kiddos had the time of their lives. evie played til she passed out every day and bailey never had a moment where he wasn’t being held and smothered with love. we had the very best time.

currently impressed – that i was able to fly back home with a 2 year old and a 2 month old and no help and living to to tell the story.  the key was that the flight was only 1 hour and 20 minutes and the plane was not full. but, these little guys did an amazing job. evie was totally into being on a plane and flying, all she needed for entertainment was a box of raisins. bailey is at the sweet age of nothing but naps and eating so he did both of those things and kept the crying to a minimum.

currently full – of christmas spirit. we kicked our festive feelings into high gear while soaking up all the holiday happiness in oxford. you can have a good time on the square any day of the year but it is extra special right now. the shops are full of red and green, lights and greenery are draped across the streets, and there was a little bit of magic in the air. so, we went to visit just about every day with our #1 shopping partner, momo!

currently hoping – that time goes just a little bit slower these next few weeks. not only is it the very happiest time of year and i want it to linger as long as possible but my days are numbered with my little chubba babe at home. january brings new beginnings including me going back to work. i have mixed emotions because i love my job but i love my time at home with this sweet guy a *tiny* bit more.

currently smitten – with my two year old. i get why this year gets called “terrible” but i don’t necessarily agree with it. this is the most entertaining and impressive stage so far. i know they all are until you get to the next one but two is going to go down in the books for me. getting to watch her make sentences that aren’t quite perfect, finding ways to express her emotions, spouting out sass like its her job, becoming attached to favorite items, finally accepting all her extended family members, being a pretty amazing big sister…i can’t count the times in each day that i find myself overwhelmed with the love i feel for this kid.  she cracks us up on a regular basis and can rip your heart out just as easily. the emotions are high but maybe that’s why i love it so much, i just can’t help it.  this big sister, that suddenly wants to be an infant again, is my very favorite girl.


blackblondebrunette | currently dec

currently – black


currently: in the christmas spirit! december screams warmth and socialization and we can’t seem to get enough adventure under our belts. whether we cozy up by the tree at home or take on the city’s lights, the company of each other seems to be all the matters. our shopping is finished and i’m savoring every last minute of this most wonderful time of the year. may your christmas be very merry!

monthly mini – bailey

blackblondebrunette | bailey 1month11lb 1oz • 22.4″ long • 15″ head

month one with bailey – it didn’t take long for this guy to make a bigger impression on the world. his weight jumped a whole four pounds in just a month…that may not sound like a whole lot but trust me, it is.  he’s already doubling his sister’s stats. so, obviously, he enjoys eating – check. he also enjoys being held close or sleeping on his belly (such a rebel). tummy time is cool with him since he is a strong little dude. when he has the stendig calendar in his sights he will arch back as far as possible to have it in full view and you can move his body around but his eyes stay glued on it. so, that’s one more vote on my side to order a new one for 2015. bailey has been a considerate sleeper since he joined us. nighttime usually has three to four hour stretches (sometimes five!) with a quick bite to eat in between. i can’t remember if this is different than with evie, i just know that i don’t feel like a zombie. maybe it has a little to do with not having that first time parent stress where any sleep you get isn’t actually sleep at all but just a foggy haze of wondering what you are doing wrong. not to say i’m doing it all right this go around but i’m just not stressed about it which seems to make it all easier.

a whole month down in the books. this blue eyed babe has stolen all our hearts, perhaps his big sister’s the most.

monthly mini – evie

blackblondebrunette | 43.52

blackblondebrunette | 44.52

blackblondebrunette | 45.52

blackblondebrunette | 46.52the 52 project : a portrait of evie, once a week, every week : 2014

2 years + 1 month. wow, its crazy how much can change in a month.  evie has become a certified big sis during these past few weeks. she loves her little brother and is very good at taking care of him.  when he cries she rocks him or gives him a paci (even though he isn’t interested) or pats him (usually softly).  she will even run to her room to get her lion for him. lion is her number one favorite and she sleeps with him every night, i’d say that is the ultimate sacrifice.  she will often mimic everything i am doing with bailey with her babydoll which is, honestly, the cutest thing ever. if she is sad or in a bad mood your can usually cheer her up with the mention of her brother’s name. i think the little guy lucked out with this built in buddy. meanwhile evie is still my very best friend as her love affair with coffee and cake has stepped up a notch.  our weekends are pretty sweet in every sense of the word.

she is so much more aware of everything now which makes a lot of things feel like firsts all over again. experiencing the cold weather, watching christmas “shows”, helping decorate the christmas tree. at least this time around we get to hear her thoughts on these things so it feels like firsts to us. christmas should be extra fun this year. age 2 is pretty fun.

monthy mini – logan







52 project – a portrait of logan, once a week, every week, in 2014

it wasn’t long ago i can remember logan watching me play pretend with a little girl a year or two older than her with a distinct look of confusion on her face as i bought an invisible cheeseburger from said girl and theatrically ate every last bite. her look will forever be ingrained in my memory. i could tell her little mind was in over drive as if to say wt* are you two crazies talking about. can you blame her?! fast forward to last weeks two and a half year checkup, when logan’s doctor asked if her accompanied doll could talk and she responded with a ‘she’s just pretend.’ i blushed while he told us to hit the road, his work was done and he needed to examine my ‘baby’ no further. needless to say, this chicks imagination is on a fast paced tear. not only is it fun to sit back and watch her mind unfold but it’s even more entertaining to join in and egg her imagination on. she’s got a baby she meticulously tends to and insists we don’t wake up. she’s got a pal named hiccup, who looks like daddy but is a kid, and runs off with her cellphone constantly. and she often vacations to the beach where she swims with ‘shawks’. two and a half is silly stupid.

halloween – noah

holloween 1

well, the king of the jungle made an appearance in my house this year. after two weeks of pure refusal to wear his lion head, i was  struggling with what to name my mythical lion-body-human-head creature, but alas, the morning of October 31st, the head was kept on + tiny ‘roars’ were sprinkled in to add to the believability. my kid showed up to play – the exact role i intended him to – the mighty lion you see right here.

holloween 2