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blackblondebrunette | vday8

tomorrow is valentine’s day and evie has been working hard to get her love letters ready to deliver to school. ¬†while i did most of the heavy lifting, she added a special touch to each envelope. which, of course, is the cutest part of the whole project.

blackblondebrunette | vday5

blackblondebrunette | vday7

i’m enjoying the chance to get crafty before we enter the years of wanting the latest disney character on store bought cards. << she’s not going to do that to me…right? the lovable monster theme has been a hit with my little cupid, because who doesn’t love a good googly eye? kim and eris may recognize the heart stamp…while looking for fun paper for this project i stumbled upon a stash of cards from evie’s party in philly. my paper hoarding habit always pays off.

blackblondebrunette | vday4

blackblondebrunette | vday1

i hope these pre-schoolers appreciate fine art. look at those expert strokes!

blackblondebrunette | vday3

one suggestion for any googly eye related projects: use double sided tape, or hot glue. elmers pops right off after it is dry, so i had to do double work to make sure no one chokes on a loose eyeball!

blackblondebrunette | vday6

wishing you a day full of pink, red, chocolate, and lots of love. happy valentine’s day!

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  1. momo

    oh how I LOVE this, I am really missing my Texan Family, much love to each of you


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