monthly mini – evie

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sixteen months of evie. a newly discovered love of layers has emerged, namely – grandma sweaters. no matter if she is just waking up, or completely naked and ready for a bath, if there is a sweater in sight it has to be worn.

blackblondebrunette | monster

i love that the halloween costume still gets some action. it is close enough to a sweater to get some love. this time with nothing but a pair of bloomers. you have your own style, evie lo, no one can deny that.

blackblondebrunette | 5.52

we had a little party for the superbowl and i have never seen this child more in her element than showing out in front of our guests. as soon as everyone got settled in to watch the game she turned on the action. in true cheerleader form she shook her little streamers as she ran back and forth in front of the tv laughing widely and loving every minute.

blackblondebrunette | texas snow

we had a nice snowy surprise before heading out to school and work one morning. we think this little dusting is just the right amount!


the serious stares are pretty standard. so much emotion behind those huge blue peepers. i could stare at this chubby face all day long.

blackblondebrunette | dinnertime

this kid approves of dinner (and breakfast and lunch). she hardly meets a meal she doesn’t like.

blackblondebrunette | 7.52the 52 project : a portrait of evie, once a week, every week : 2014 

the playroom is the place to be. so many meals have been cooked at the little play kitchen, many a scribble at (and on) the art table, and so many snuggles and books read in the big bean bag chair. we like it in here!

blackblondebrunette | storytime

a rare moment of loving on a stuffed friend. usually these guys get a hug or a kiss then get tossed aside. this lucky elephant to hear the story of evie’s mississippi adventures, her current favorite book that mammy made for her.

we have had so much fun with this girl lately. she is all over the place, literally. she has free rein of the house and likes to open as many doors and drawers as possible, she is thoughtful enough to slam them shut as well. the newest activity is running into you to tackle you to the ground (you can guess who taught her that one). it always ends in a fit of giggles so i fully approve of the activity.
giving up the paci has gone much smoother after instituting a longer wind down time before going to bed. this means that i get some actual snuggle time with this independent little brat. i couldn’t be happier!  i sing songs while evie does the hand motions and sings along in her special language, and she always applauds at the end. she is really building my confidence! her favorite word without a doubt is “duchess”. she is always concerned about her dog friend’s whereabouts.
no doubt there is some serious sass inside this girl, but i love her little personality. this is a real good age.

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  1. Melissa Tedesco

    I love her style! I was kind of hoping my son would just always lets me choose what he should wear, but now I’m thinking it would be fun to see his own style emerge. Layers are the way to go, Evie! So cute.

  2. momo

    I am so in love with this little one, love all these pictures too, thanks so much for sharing :)


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