monthly mini – noah

7 months


ah! seven month noah + his emerging tiny identity! i love this month. as a matter of fact, i love every month more than the last. this kid is funny. he will quickly turn on his charm + turn my day around with just a wide mouthed smile + babbles that don’t quite form words just yet. speaking of, i got an accidental ‘ma-ma’ yesterday + i melted. it has not been repeated since, despite my best efforts. it feels as if we have a toddler who doesn’t quite walk yet. this kid is not interested in being a baby. he wants to be on the move constantly. he is now crawling freely + pulling himself up on every piece of furniture in sight + has been spotted trying to climb a few [it’s over – time to break out the bubble wrap]. he is beyond curious + if i could bottle up his energy, i would easily muscle starbucks out of business. he is still giving me his little man hugs + i hope this continues until he is at least 21 – it’s honestly the sweetest part of my day. despite his toothlessness, my little buddha is now eating everything without resistance [even peas]. next on our list of tasks to tackle – tolerating car rides – wish me luck.

monthly stats: 20 lb of delicious chunk + 28″. tooth count: 0

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