currently – brunette


currently plotting: a little getaway with 6 of my college friends – all of whom managed to increase the world’s population by one  in 2013 [no, it was not some strange pact, we just happened to drink the same water]. we are all scattered in different corners of the country + i have not seen some of these ladies in years, so needless to say, i am beyond stoked. on the agenda: a little golf for the gents, a little spa time for the mamas + a lot of play time for the babes.

currently watching: house of cards. it is corrupted, raw, ruthless + disturbingly good. i am never one for political thrillers but i am one for binge watching a show. i became hooked after the first few episodes + season 2 has thus far proven to be even better than the first.

currently loving: putting my headphones on + working late. it is old eris at it’s best – that is until my night owl is greeted by that morning zombie i loathe so much. regardless, it feels good to jam on + be productive, even though i should be catching up on my much needed snoozes instead. i equate it to being so far behind in a race you’re trying to win, what’s the point in trying to sleep now?! – hi, my name is eris + i am an insomniac!

currently snacking: on anything coconut. these chips are currently rocking my world.

currently dreaming: of summer rays + warm sand. seriously, will we ever see warm weather again? if not, i am thinking the probability of a certain blonde gaining a new brunette neighbor is becoming infinitely greater.

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  1. Blonde

    Let me know when you get to the end of HOC. It’ And I already have Matt building you a home on top of ours.

  2. Courtney

    I can’t wait for summer! It’s coming soon, right? In desperate need of some warm weather and some time to binge watch TV shows.

    P.S. I miss you guys!


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