currently – blonde


currently freaking out: a little bit. in my head summer is just getting started but the calendar says that we are in august and the baby app i have to check every time someone wants to know how pregnant i am says i’m over 30 weeks. that gives me the total of ten weeks, if this little acrobat stays put for the suggested amount of time. so, i’m moving a little faster which brings me all the way up to “slow” to get the baby room prepared. with painters coming in a week the pressure is on.

currently attempting: the idea of potty training. evie is very aware of what she is doing and wants her “dipes” changed immediately. she will now say potty (sometimes) so we have spent many long minutes sitting on her training potty but…never a single drop. she gets the general idea, just not the part that really counts. we’ll get there.

currently reading: on the road by jack kerouac which is a nice contrast to california by edan lepucki that i just finished.  one being about adventure and discovery and the other being about destruction and despair both based in america, just completely different time frames. i may need some mindless chick lit very soon, where’d all the vampires go??

currently missing: our mississippi family. we recently took a super fast trip to hang out for the weekend. the weather was surprisingly perfect, the pool was ready for us in the back yard, and the food always makes us forget how long the drive was. we went to celebrate our favorite 8 year old’s birthday and squeeze in as much family time as possible. even if we only got a couple of days…they were good ones. (look for more pics soon, that one up top is just a teaser!)

currently shopping: for christmas! for real…no one look under my bed. when you have a newborn on the way during the prime shopping months, planning ahead is the only way to go. i did the same thing when i had evie, and since the timing is the same, i realized i better jump on it now! even santa has been busy around here.


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  1. MOMO

    loving this, I love for ya’ll to visit, but seems when you leave that I did not “get enough” miss ya bunches

  2. black

    this picture kills me and even i’m freaking out about your final countdown.


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