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we like to think we’re hip + modern mama’s over here! while our personal wardrobes seem to stand still, our littles are overflowing with adorableness. honestly, who needs more than jeans and a t-shirt when you’ve got a stylin’ accessory on your hip?! with every new season comes a new size and a reason to shop our go-to favorite resources, and scour the internet for new ones. while this sounds lovely, time is minimal these days, as are our depleting bank accounts. enter thrifty littles – a lifestyle blog showcasing ‘deals + trends for the hip and modern mama’ curated by the ever adorable cat pagoaga. this stylish stay at home mama to mae does all the homework for us! not only does she share new finds but she alerts the media on deals we shouldn’t miss. case in point – this week’s ultimate backpack roundup for both boys + girls.


we thought it would be fun to peek into the more personal side of cat’s day-to-day and just as we thought, she couldn’t have been any sweeter. if you’re not already, you’ll soon be hooked!

what makes your world go round?
my family, friends, and coffee. lots of coffee!


are you an early bird or a night owl?
neither, i’d almost always rather be curled up in bed. truthfully i’m naturally more of a night owl but with my husband’s schedule it makes more sense for me to be an early bird. i’m super productive in the morning but i have to force myself out of bed.


as a stay at home mom and blogger, what’s your daily routine look like?
i’m up before 6 and this is when i hunt for deals, proofread blog posts and get ready for the day. when my daughter mae wakes up around 8am, we eat breakfast and spend an hour or so being lazy before heading out the door for errands or play dates. nap time is from 1 to 3 and i spend this time cleaning, blogging, and taking care of personal items. once the husband is home we spend the evening together as a family and then i typically jump on the computer again after mae is asleep to write blog posts.


if you had a whole day to yourself, with absolutely no commitments, what would you do?
i’d definitely start with a pedicure or message – i haven’t had either of those since before mae was born! i’d also brunch with friends, read a book, and then have a date night with my husband downtown.


any tips on figuring our the fine art of balance?
i don’t think i’ve figured out the art of balance, but i’m working on it. if my house is put together, i likely haven’t blogged as much as i would have liked that week. if the blogging has been consistent for the week, my house is probably a mess. it just kind of goes back and forth but i’m learning to be OK with that.
one thing i do to keep balance is to only blog in our home office and to not drag the laptop all over the house during the day. this keeps my focus on mae during the day and makes me much more productive during my work hours and overall.
i also typically take weekends off from blogging and spend this time working on house projects and being with my family.


what about motherhood and blogging surprises you the most?
being a mom is really challenging but also really fun! mae is my little side kick and we have such a good time together. It has made me much more emotional and sentimental – i tear up over everything these days.
blogging has been an amazing creative outlet and way more fun than i would’ve imagined. i’ve been able to connect with some amazing women (like you guys!) and learn lots of valuable technical skills. it’s been really fulfilling.


we all see how adorably dressed your mae is. what’s your personal go to ensemble?
distressed jeans, black v-neck tee, slip-on sneakers, rhinestone earrings, and a top knot. pretty much every day of my life.


what retail vendor can you not live without?
target! i swear i walk into that store for a couple items and leave spending $150. they get me every time.


what baby/toddler essential can you not live without and what accessory is worth the splurge?
my ergobaby, hands down. mae hated a stroller until she was about eighteen months old so the ergobaby was a life saver. i carried mae in it while running errands and would even wear her around the house while i cleaned and made dinner.
i completely splurged on a diaper bag and bought a petunia pickle bottom cake. i wanted one since way before i was pregnant. it was my last splurge before leaving my job and to this day it was worth every penny.


who are your favorite bloggers that we should be following?
oh i have so many! a cup of jo, love taza, and homemade charlotte are some of my faves. and kendi everyday is perfect for when i need some doable fashion inspiration!


now tell us, are you black, blonde or brunette?
blonde, with a little help from a bottle.

- all photos by cat –
for more of this adorable chick check out thrifty littles – instagram – pinterest
and a big thanks to cat for playing along!

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  1. Jessica

    LOVE LOVE thrify littles!! Cat is a doll and Mae is too cute for words!! Great interview — and Cat is pretty much the queen of the top knot. One day I dream of a top knot as killer as hers. HUGS!


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