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blackblondebrunette | obsessedthe 52 project : a portrait of evie, once a week, every week : 2014

22 weeks of evie. this kid has been amazing lately at rolling with the punches. we are in the middle of some house projects which have temporarily taken over evie’s bedroom and playroom . she started sleeping in the new nursery without missing a beat. when i took her to see her room completely cleaned out and carpet ripped up (which happened during a nap) she just said – “uh oh”. yesterday her walls were skim coated and all the supplies are still gathered in the middle of the room for the painting that will happen today, she was only concerned with the mess. the child hates a mess. there hasn’t been a whole lot of toddler fun around here since we are in overdrive to get things in order before baby brother enters the scene. evie is happy dancing to the top 40 pop hits, coloring, or cleaning right along with us. so i’m currently very thankful that she is taking one for the team and will make sure there are some special dates in the near future for this big sis to be.

evie’s current favorites:
pigtails – if they aren’t in her hair she just pats her head asking for piggies until she gets them
“the hat”- can’t get enough of it and it is on its last leg
accessorizing – she’s been known to carry two purses at a time
shoes – hers and ours
shushing – anything loud, including the thunder
cheese – duh
monkey – which is actually a fox, her blabla doll that she’s just acknowledged after a year is now in her sights at all times
teepee – as long as the twinkle lights are on, that’s the place to be
tea parties – loves a tea set and usually has a tiny cup with her to sip out of
cleanliness – if something doesn’t belong there’s a very dramatic “yuck” until it is removed

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  1. MOMO

    oh my how I do love this baby girl :)
    she has one great personality for sure :)
    loving all the pictures above


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