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13 month noah! as in: officially no longer a baby! as in: his mama is in complete denial + has found herself a new ritual of scrolling through photos + videos of his infancy for hours nightly because she wants to remember that fleeting infant stage with its lovable coos + chubby cheeks. but i digress. toddler noah, rocks!

he :

clings on after a bath like a tiny koala bear

says ‘i love you’

is a scrambled egg consuming monster

acknowledges cars, lights, dogs + birds by calling them by their respective names

blows kisses to strangers

wears sunglasses

once he spots a hat, he insists that you put it on your head [but refuses to keep it on his]

dances like nobody is watching

adores his cousins

does not hesitate to point out his belly button

says ‘meeee’ every time he spots a cat

knows his animal sounds, but insists that the cow says ‘baaaa’

has a mild obsession with cars of all shapes + sizes

went on his first swing ride [along side his girlfriend lo]

will say ‘no’ when he is not supposed to do something, still proceed to do it, then follows it up with ‘bad’

has 9 chompers + counting

lurks behind corners to try + scare me

has the best little belly laugh i’ve ever heard

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